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Schwinn Sidewinder Bicycle Review : Real Life Experience

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For a long time this blog was dedicated only to tricycle lovers, but from today onwards, it's going to change. Being a bicycle lover, I can't wait for myself to write on my favorite niche. Let me start my review with my very own bicycle which is the Schwinn Sidewinder Bicycle. If you aren't aware of Schwinn bikes and Schwinn Tricycles, continue reading the article. Before getting started, I suggest you read my previous articles on trikes.
schwinn sidewinder review

For the one's who doesn't know about Schwinn cycles, Schwinn is one of the biggest manufacturers of both tricycles and bicycles in the whole world. Schwinn has got different models for different age; they also have a unique collection of trikes for obese people. So, I believe you have started to trust Schwinn cycle manufacturers. I'm sure towards the end of this article; Schwinn will become more familiar to you than any other cycle manufacturers. 

Schwinn Sidewinder Bicycle Review

Before getting started let me tell you one thing, this review on Schwinn Sidewinder is not like any other reviews on the internet, I'm confident to say; this study is unique in its way. Schwinn Sidewinder is much more like a brand name within a brand name.

26" Schwinn Sidewinder bicycle is available in two colors, Matt Black and Pink. Schwinn Sidewinder bicycles come under the multispeed section, Steel frame and fork ensures safety and controlled riding. Sidewinder has got a total of 21 speeds ( rear gear ).

Trust me, I haven't seen many people suggesting Schwinn Sidewinder as your first bicycle, I don't know why maybe because it is for wired for an individual who takes cycling as a serious hobby. It's sturdy frame and tires provide a decent grip and strength to the trike. I presume, this tricycle is also suitable for plus size people's. It can also be named under " heavy duty bicycles" for sure because of its compatibility and sturdiness.

Schwinn Sidewinder bicycle is available at a whopping price of $173 in I believe you'll love reading our first bike review. Subscribe us and stay tuned for further updates.


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