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Best Tricycle For Heavy People in 2016

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Are you overweight or Obese ? Don't you want to stay fit and healthy ? If yes, you may know, one of the easiest ways to get fit or reduce weight is by doing exercises. When it comes to exercises, there are a hell lot of things to do starting from stretching, push ups, pull ups and many other hefty ones. But cycling is something different, you can enjoy a lot while doing it.  Today in here, we will provide you with a list of tricycles for heavy people in 2016. You may be wondering why a tricycle ? instead of a bicycle, well don't underestimate and dare to compare bicycle and tricycle, it has got a lot of benefits than a bicycle.

Tricycle For Heavy Peoples 

First of all, let me clear the doubt why one should select a tricycle over a bicycle ? First and foremost thing is, it's quite challenging to find a suitable tricycle for big peoples, so think how difficult it would be to find a bicycle. Since a tricycle consists of three wheels, it will be able to hold your weight evenly on three wheels. There are several other things to be taken care of, before purchasing a tricycle for obese. 

Well , as I mentioned earlier, there are certain things to be kept in your mind before going to purchase a heavy duty tricycle. First of all, make sure the frame is made up of steel or other strong materials so that it would be able to withstand your weight. Secondly, go for heavy-duty tricycles which have got bigger wheels when compared to other normal tricycles. Wheelbase is another feature to look after while buying a plus size tricycle. Always go for wheels having larger wheelbase than normal tricycles. If you don't want to mess up with the features, we have prepared a small list of heavy-duty tricycles for heavy people. 

Schwinn Meridian Tricycle

 Schwinn Meridian tricycle is one of the best trikes which can be used for all ages and all size people. It comes up with a rigid frame and 3 big wheels. This single speed tricycle is well suited for middle aged as well as aged people who doesn't want to go with multi-speed. Basically, Schwinn Meridian tricycle comes up with a small seat, if you are a heavy person you can change the seat into a much bigger one if you intend to do so. One awesome feature of Schwinn Meridian tricycle is that it comes with a large interchangeable rear basket. 

Schwinn meridian manual says it can hold about 300 lbs without bending. If you remove the rear basket, you can accommodate about 350 lbs. We have already done a complete review on Schwinn Meridian tricycle please have to look at before taking a decision.

Worksman PAV

Worksman PAV with long enticer type handle, it is the next one on our list of best heavy-duty trikes. As per the specifications, it is able to hold weights up to 500 lbs. Unlike Schwinn trike, it is a multi-speed trike which makes it suitable for adults as well. There are several special features to be mentioned in this trike. Worksman PAV comes with a wider seat with arm rests which is fully adjustable accordingly. We haven't reviewed this product yet, but soon we will be doing it. So stay tight for further updates on Worksman PAV. You can also check for real life experiences and reviews on Worksman PAV on

Husky Heavy Duty Plus Size Tricycle

husky heavy duty tricycle

Heavy duty trikes are a boast up category in tricycles, there aren't many trikes which is that much rugged to handle heavy loads. Husky heavy-duty trikes seem little bit abnormal in the first look because of it's weirdly larger than any standard adult trike. Husky accommodates the largest and the toughest chains, sprockets, bearings, and frames. This significant sized tricycle is available in two models. One is multi-speed while the other is single speed trike. Both the trike has a maximum weight capacity of 600 lbs ( which makes it as the best heavy duty trike in the industry ). 

These are some of the best heavy-duty trikes available in the industry. I hope you all loved reading the article. Subscribe us and share views and reviews under the comment section.  

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Miami Sun Tricycle Reviews : Traditional Tricycle

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In here we have already listed out some of the best toddler and adult tricycles. In this modern era, people are going back to use bicycles and tricycles for reducing their carbon footprints and improving the quality of life. Tricycles and bicycles plays an important role in maintaining you healthy and fit. Today in here I will be reviewing Miami Sun Trike which is one of the best traditional tricycles available now.

miami sun tricycle reviews

Miami Sun Tricycle Reviews

Miami Sun tricycle is considered to be one of the best adult traditional tricycle as of now. It is a 24" inch tricycle which is known for its stability and comfort. Sun's Traditional Trike 24 features a low step-through frame for easy on/off and an oversized saddle for supreme comfort. Plus, this trick trike boasts a three speed drivetrain for easier pedaling, and 24-inch aluminum wheels for effortless pedaling, while the coaster brake and handbrake that doubles as a parking brake provide safe, confident stops. You'll also love the large vinyl-coated basket for carrying your stuff. 

Pros: If you’ve got bicycling on your mind but crave the added stability and comfort of a three wheeler, then the Miami Sun is just what you’re looking for. This user-friendly trike uses 24″ wheels and a custom frame design to give you an extremely low step-through for easy on and off access. Once seated you immediately notice the impressive comfort of the famous western style saddle. If bigger is better, then we’ve hit pay dirt with this saddle. Additionally, the trike comes with weight saving alloy rims, a front fender and a vinyl coated rear basket for easy trips to the market or your favorite shops. It’s been a best-seller for years, for good reason. Available in a variety of colors to suit any taste.

Cons : There's not much to say about cons of Miami Sun trike. The Miami Sun trikes was easy to assemble and everything fit together well. The only thing we could have hoped for was a bit more adjustment with the seat height, and a smother welding on the frame.

Currently Miami Sun tricycle is available at price of 500 $.

I hope you'll loved reading Miami Sun tricycle reviews, please do share your views under the comment section. 

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Schwinn Sidewinder Bicycle Review : Real Life Experience

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For a long time this blog was dedicated only to tricycle lovers, but from today onwards, it's going to change. Being a bicycle lover, I can't wait for myself to write on my favorite niche. Let me start my review with my very own bicycle which is the Schwinn Sidewinder Bicycle. If you aren't aware of Schwinn bikes and Schwinn Tricycles, continue reading the article. Before getting started, I suggest you read my previous articles on trikes.
schwinn sidewinder review

For the one's who doesn't know about Schwinn cycles, Schwinn is one of the biggest manufacturers of both tricycles and bicycles in the whole world. Schwinn has got different models for different age; they also have a unique collection of trikes for obese people. So, I believe you have started to trust Schwinn cycle manufacturers. I'm sure towards the end of this article; Schwinn will become more familiar to you than any other cycle manufacturers. 

Schwinn Sidewinder Bicycle Review

Before getting started let me tell you one thing, this review on Schwinn Sidewinder is not like any other reviews on the internet, I'm confident to say; this study is unique in its way. Schwinn Sidewinder is much more like a brand name within a brand name.

26" Schwinn Sidewinder bicycle is available in two colors, Matt Black and Pink. Schwinn Sidewinder bicycles come under the multispeed section, Steel frame and fork ensures safety and controlled riding. Sidewinder has got a total of 21 speeds ( rear gear ).

Trust me, I haven't seen many people suggesting Schwinn Sidewinder as your first bicycle, I don't know why maybe because it is for wired for an individual who takes cycling as a serious hobby. It's sturdy frame and tires provide a decent grip and strength to the trike. I presume, this tricycle is also suitable for plus size people's. It can also be named under " heavy duty bicycles" for sure because of its compatibility and sturdiness.

Schwinn Sidewinder bicycle is available at a whopping price of $173 in I believe you'll love reading our first bike review. Subscribe us and stay tuned for further updates.


Sunday, 27 December 2015

Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle Review, Features and Assembly Instructions

Are you looking for a decent three-wheeled adult tricycle? Then you might have heard about Schwinn Meridian (only if you have done some amount of research online ). There are several three-wheeled adult tricycles available online, but there is something special about Schwinn Meridian. This article will give you a complete idea about Schwinn Meridian tricycle. Let's begin then.

schwinn meridian tricycle

Why Schwinn Meridian? 

Well, there are several reasons to buy this adult tricycle, this article will provide you with my viewpoint and reasons on why I choose Schwinn meridian ahead of other tricycles. One of the main reason is its ample space on the basket (fitted to the rear end of the trike). If you are an environmentalist and is more concerned with carbon foot print. I presume you should shift yourself to trikes, because they help you in reducing your carbon foot print. 

Schwinn Merdian trike also functions as a cargo trike because of its size and design. Most people in my locality own this trike, mostly they are used for collecting groceries. You can load a lot of books, grocery items, and other items into the basket. 

Schwinn Meridian comes in single speed ( not for adventure junkies and rash drivers ), makes it one of the best comfort oriented tricycles of 2016. If you want to have more speeds, I suggest you, to buy Schwinn Town and Country which comes with 3 speeds. 

Another point to be jotted down about Schwinn Meridian tricycle is its mechanical design. It comes with a conventional rear strap brake and a good V front brake. Alloy made frame makes it lightweight when compared to other Schwinn counterparts like Schwinn easy steer tricycle. The mechanical design makes it sturdy and safe to ride for any fully grown adult

Schwinn Meridian Pro's and Con's

Let's now have a look at Pro's and Con's of Schwinn Meridian Tricycle. 

First of all, let's have a look at goods of Schwinn Meridian tricycle. 

The Good

  • Sturdy and safe
  • Big basket with enough space for groceries.
  • No prior skills required for riding
  • No cross bars
  • Alloy frame makes it light weight
  • Weight limit is about 500 lbs, which makes it usable to all kind of people.
  • 26 inch tricycle

The Bad

  • Single speed trike.

Features of Schwinn Meridian 3 Wheeled Adult Cycle

  • Frame: Alloy Frame makes it light weight, 3.5″ clearance
  • Handlebars: Wide, upright handlebar with alloy stem to eliminate back strain
  • Gearing: Single speed
  • Brakes: Rear hand brake with front linear pull brake
  • Wheels: Alloy rims with stainless steel spokes
  • Tires: 26″ x 2.0″
  • Fenders: Stylish front and rear fenders
  • Seat: Padded spring cruiser saddle for a more comfortable ride
  • Other Features: Folding rear basket
  • Assembly Time: Takes 45 to 60 minutes
  • Weight Limit: Schwinn meridian weight limit ranges from about 300 - 500 lbs which means it is designed for heavy people.

Schwinn Meridian Tricycle Assembly Instructions 

Basically, almost all tricycle comes up with an instruction manual for assembly, so does Schwinn Meridian. But sometimes, assembly manual gets tricky, well in that case, you can make use of this article and the following video. 

Trike comes in a well-packed box with most of the parts in the assembled form ( brakes, wheel tubes and gear ). Always be careful before unpacking your bike take atmost care for screws and smaller parts because missing few of them might cause a problem while assembling. Even if you lose few screws you can get it from local stores nearby. 

Following video helps you in assembling schwinn tricycle. 

The Verdict

Schwinn Meridian adult tricycle is available at Amazon US at a price of 269 $. At that price Schwinn meridian is going to be the best buy considering the future reduction in fuel expenses and other uses. 

Saturday, 26 December 2015

{ Pink } Radio Flyer Big Wheel Tricycle

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Radio Flyer Big wheel is a performance tricycle for kids who love to do adventurous stuffs at the age of 5 or 6. Radio Flyer trikes comes in different size, materials and models, big wheel is one such model which is quite moving. There are several big wheel tricycles available online, but there is something which makes radio flyer big wheel stand out from the res ( I will explain why ). If you have no idea about how a big wheel tricycle looks, then check out the image given below. 
radio flyer big wheel
This is the demo model of how a big wheel tricycle looks, Radio Flyer big wheel tricycle differs in quality and size.

Radio Flyer Big Wheel 

Radio flyer big wheel trike is much more like a racing trike with sleek and light design. Safety is a thing which is to be underlined and quoted. Radio Flyer Big Wheel features a 16 inch front wheel, a performance grip is also incorporated with the big wheel for avoiding tipping and slipping. One of the main feature with Radio Flyer trikes is that, it is always adjustable for children's of any age. Like Radio Flyer 4 in 1 trike, this one is also an adjustable trike. Let's have a look at dimensions of Radio Flyer Big Wheel trike. 

radio flyer big wheel

Ages: 3 - 7 Years
Body: 35" L x 24" W x 20" H
Front Wheel: 16"
Rear Wheels: 7"
Seat to Handle: 20", 21" & 22"
Seat to Pedal: 24", 26" & 28"
Weight: 13.45 lbs.
Weight Capacity: 65 lbs.

Radio Flyer big wheel is available in different colors, but Pink radio flyer big wheel is the most popular and hot selling item on the pack. 

Radio Flyer Big Wheel Trike Review

Big wheel has got few pro's as well as few con's. Looking on to the pro section. 

  • Big Wheel's design makes it a cool trike for your kid. 

  • Radio Flyer trikes are well known for it's safeness so does this model. 

  • Radio flyer is a reputed and trusted brand.

  • Adjustable seats according to the age of your child, which makes it long standing.
Now it's time to discuss the con's of Radio Flyer Big Wheel.
  • Some children may find it hard to have a long ride because of back pain.

  • Flat Tires 
These are few of the pro's and con's of Radio Flyer Big Wheel. Big wheel trike is available at a price of 88$ on, you have to pay an additional 12 $ as delivery tax so a total of 100 $ should be payed for getting this monster. I would say it is worth each and every penny.


Saturday, 12 December 2015

Kawasaki 10-inch Tricycle Sale and Review

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Kawasaki, Japanese motor bike manufacturer has made something for your kid. I'm sure you might have heard this name more than once in your life time. Kawasaki 10 inch tricycle is a sporty green colored trike for your kid, as the name suggests it is 10 inch in size. Don't you want to hear some fascinating features about Kawasaki 10 inch Tricycle ? Well then, here it is, Kawasaki 10 tricycle comes with flat tires ( improves stability as well as safety ), non slip pedals, adjustable seats and safety steering with additional handle grips,

kawasaki 10 inch tricycle

Apart from it's features another important thing which mesmerize your eyes is its catchy graphics and placement of rear shock absorber. In your first view, you might find Kawasaki 10 tricycle is full of plastics and will be concerned about the safety features but on close inquiry one could easily find Kawasaki 10 inch tricycle as a very rugged trike. Let's now have a peek at Kawasaki 10 trike pro's and con's.

Kawasaki 10 Tricycle Pro's and Con's 

 Pros: Rugged construction with heavy duty frame, kids absolutely love the "real" motorcycle look, stable, durable.

Cons: Misaligned head set bracket (combined with my assembly error) eventually resulted in head set bushing failure.

Kawasaki 10 Trike Reviews ( ) 

Well, I have mentioned the pro's and con's of the trike, here is some real life reviews of Kawasaki 10 trike, I recommend you to read the following reviews before getting into decision. Kawasaki 10 is available only in sliver green color.
By Wanda Diehl
We got this trike for our 2 1/2 year old son and he absolutely loves it. When looking into this trike I was a little concerned that it looked like a lot of plastic but it is a very rugged trike. Very heavy duty! And it was a breeze to put together! Didnt even need to look at the manual. My 2 year old doesnt want to leave it alone and my 1 year old is trying to convince us that he is big enough for it so I would say it is a big hit at our house.
By Fragulene
I bought this trike for a friend who works at a preschool. If the children at this school can't destroy something, it can't be destroyed. They did succeed, after the most intense year of use you can imagine, to break the head set bushings. I called customer service (mentioned in another review) to see if I could buy new head set bushings. Customer service didn't hesitate. They took my name and address, then sent me the new parts at no charge. The guy at customer service suggested that I might have over tightened the head set bolt. He may have been right as I'll explain below. I had the new parts within a few days.
The broken headset bushings were not entirely at fault. The lower head set bracket on the forks was slightly misaligned. The first time I assembled the trike I attempted to align the bracket by over tightening the head set bolt. The plastic head set bushings eventually failed from the trike being hammered into every object (moveable or immoveable) on the playground, and the excess pressure on the plastic bushings. When I received the new bushings, I took the time to bend and realign the lower head set bracket. This time I only tightened the head set bolt to where is was just snug. So, with a minimum of effort, excellent customer service from the distributor, and some free replacement parts, the Kawasaki Trike is back in service joyfully taking a beating again.
The heavy use has also resulted in the grab handle at the back of the seat being broken (I forgot to ask for a new one when I called for the heat set bushings) and some of the paint has worn off where a second child would ride standing on the back axle housing. The little "shock absorber" also came apart, but I was able to screw it back together, this time with Locktite. Taking into account the kind of use this toy has endured, I'd say the wear and tear are about what I'd expect. Overall, it has held up well, and I like the fact that when things to break, it can be repaired with a minimum of fuss. Recommended.

Kawasaki 10-inch tricycle is priced at $56.99 on amazon, comparing to its counter parts Schwinn and radio flyer Kawasaki seems to be a budget tricycle for your kid. If you are short on money and want a fully secure and catching tricycle then close your eyes and go fetch it.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Top 5 Tricycles for Adult

Aaah. Those were the times. Paddling that tiny little tricycle all around the house, hitting a few furniture in between, being scolded for it and then again paddle around like nothing has happened! Feeling nostalgic? Let's see if we can turn the clocks back a little! 

Top 5 Tricycles For Adults 

1.Schwinn Meridian 26” 

Schwinn is a very known company when it comes to bicycles and this tricycle does stand up to the companys reputation. It’s three 26” alloy wheels and is available in a brilliant blue or cherry red color. It's important to see that it's equipped with a rear hand hand break and a front pull break which shows how much Schwinn cares for your safety. The collapsible basket in the back and the extra cushion saddle seat are all features that you're gonna dig! 

2. Mantis Adult Tri-Rad bike

This one is equipped with a 20” alloy wheel meaning that you're gonna get the feel of a smaller bicycle with the added stability of a tricycle. This is also the lightest bike in our list weighing just 45 pounds. The main attraction here, however is that the tricycle can be folded for easy transport. Also, the handlebar and the seat can be adjusted according to your needs. It does have a front fork suspension which guarantees smooth ride. 

3. Worksman WTC Wide Tracking Trike

This one is much like the tricycles that we used to ride as a child. It's a direct drive front wheel meaning you're gonna paddle the front wheel directly just like your tricycle as child. This is more of a bike meant for exercising needs than travel, like motion training and rehab. The trike is constructed from heavy duty steel, and has a Lycra covered wide-base seat. This bike has no brakes, but uses back pedaling to slow the trike as you did with the your childhood tricycles. Assembly is relatively simple, and comes mostly pre-assembled.f

4. Dirt King Adult Trike

As hot might have already guessed from the name, this is for the adventurers in you. It's uniquely designed and the seat is mount on top of a shock absorber which definitely is gonna save your bum from bumps. The company says that the frame is made from highly durable steel and it should last you a good time. Also, the tires are designed for different hard terrains. The seats and handlebars can be adjusted according to your needs too. 

5. Komodo Cycling 24” Tricycle

The Komodo tricycle comes with 24” alloy wheels and is equipped with Six speed gear. This tricycle is a bit on the heavier side and turning corners can be a bit challenging. It's alloy front brakes and steel rear brakes which ensures safe braking. Importantly, it comes in nine different colors so that you can choose the one that fits your need. A rear basket for you to carry things around is also provided. 

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