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Best Tricycle For Heavy People in 2016

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Are you overweight or Obese ? Don't you want to stay fit and healthy ? If yes, you may know, one of the easiest ways to get fit or reduce weight is by doing exercises. When it comes to exercises, there are a hell lot of things to do starting from stretching, push ups, pull ups and many other hefty ones. But cycling is something different, you can enjoy a lot while doing it.  Today in here, we will provide you with a list of tricycles for heavy people in 2016. You may be wondering why a tricycle ? instead of a bicycle, well don't underestimate and dare to compare bicycle and tricycle, it has got a lot of benefits than a bicycle.

Tricycle For Heavy Peoples 

First of all, let me clear the doubt why one should select a tricycle over a bicycle ? First and foremost thing is, it's quite challenging to find a suitable tricycle for big peoples, so think how difficult it would be to find a bicycle. Since a tricycle consists of three wheels, it will be able to hold your weight evenly on three wheels. There are several other things to be taken care of, before purchasing a tricycle for obese. 

Well , as I mentioned earlier, there are certain things to be kept in your mind before going to purchase a heavy duty tricycle. First of all, make sure the frame is made up of steel or other strong materials so that it would be able to withstand your weight. Secondly, go for heavy-duty tricycles which have got bigger wheels when compared to other normal tricycles. Wheelbase is another feature to look after while buying a plus size tricycle. Always go for wheels having larger wheelbase than normal tricycles. If you don't want to mess up with the features, we have prepared a small list of heavy-duty tricycles for heavy people. 

Schwinn Meridian Tricycle

 Schwinn Meridian tricycle is one of the best trikes which can be used for all ages and all size people. It comes up with a rigid frame and 3 big wheels. This single speed tricycle is well suited for middle aged as well as aged people who doesn't want to go with multi-speed. Basically, Schwinn Meridian tricycle comes up with a small seat, if you are a heavy person you can change the seat into a much bigger one if you intend to do so. One awesome feature of Schwinn Meridian tricycle is that it comes with a large interchangeable rear basket. 

Schwinn meridian manual says it can hold about 300 lbs without bending. If you remove the rear basket, you can accommodate about 350 lbs. We have already done a complete review on Schwinn Meridian tricycle please have to look at before taking a decision.

Worksman PAV

Worksman PAV with long enticer type handle, it is the next one on our list of best heavy-duty trikes. As per the specifications, it is able to hold weights up to 500 lbs. Unlike Schwinn trike, it is a multi-speed trike which makes it suitable for adults as well. There are several special features to be mentioned in this trike. Worksman PAV comes with a wider seat with arm rests which is fully adjustable accordingly. We haven't reviewed this product yet, but soon we will be doing it. So stay tight for further updates on Worksman PAV. You can also check for real life experiences and reviews on Worksman PAV on

Husky Heavy Duty Plus Size Tricycle

husky heavy duty tricycle

Heavy duty trikes are a boast up category in tricycles, there aren't many trikes which is that much rugged to handle heavy loads. Husky heavy-duty trikes seem little bit abnormal in the first look because of it's weirdly larger than any standard adult trike. Husky accommodates the largest and the toughest chains, sprockets, bearings, and frames. This significant sized tricycle is available in two models. One is multi-speed while the other is single speed trike. Both the trike has a maximum weight capacity of 600 lbs ( which makes it as the best heavy duty trike in the industry ). 

These are some of the best heavy-duty trikes available in the industry. I hope you all loved reading the article. Subscribe us and share views and reviews under the comment section.  

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