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Schwinn Easy Steer Tricycle | Price | Review | Discounts

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Schwinn is another best selling brand like Radio Flyer. In here we will be sharing Schwinn Easy Steer tricycle for kids, In our earlier article we have already discussed on Radio Flyer 4 in trike for kids. It  comes up with a sun canopy and many other features. Let's now, check what's in Schwinn Easy Steer Tricycle. It is one of the fast moving product from Schwinn, Easy steer trike came into the market with the motto, easy to steer risk-free durable trike. So don't you want to know whether the product satisfies the slogan?

schwinn easy steer tricycle for kids

Let's have a look at the specifications of Schwinn Easy Steer Tricycle.

• High back saddle with 3-point seat belt which provides a risk-free drive for your kid
• Schwinn Easy to steer tricycle needed to be assembled
• Removable push / Steer
• Wide EVA tires add up to durability and pleasing looks.
• Steel trike frame.
• Basket for storing.

Pro's and Con's of Schwinn Easy Steer Tricycle For Kids

Schwinn Easy steer tricycle is one of the cheapest yet durable tricycle available. Customers are quite happy with the product. This tricycle is available for a cheap price of 45 $  whereas Radio Flyer trike was available at about 120 $ which is way more expensive. Schwinn tricycles can be compared to radio flyer in terms of durability and safeness. There are several advantages for Schwinn Easy steer tricycle when compared with expensive Radio Flyer tricycle for kids, Let me point out some of the notable add-ons on Easy steer tricycle.

Safety Strap of Easy Steer Trike

  • The Wheelbase of this trike is large which makes it rigid and difficult to tip over why riding over slippery surfaces.
  • Radio Flyer 4 in Trike doesn't have footpegs but this 59 $ Schwinn trike has.
  • The Radio Flyer has the plastic bars that encircle the child and it is easy to be lazy and not use the straps. The Schwinn only has straps and thus, we always use them, so baby ends up more secure in the Schwinn.
  • Baskets in Schwinn trike is quite large enough to carry about 10 - 15 toys.
  • Radio Flyer trike doesn't have brakes, On the other hand Schwinn has. 

Con's of Schwinn Easy Steer Tricycle 

Despite having a large number of pro's over superior Radio Flyer Trike, it is also having a few number of drawbacks. You should know about it before choosing tricycles for kids
  • Doesn't have a sun canopy, for protecting your kid from Sunlight.
  • Schwinn Easy steer trike has plastic wheels like Radio flyer but quality of the plastics stinks.
  • Radio Flyer trike does have porch look when compared with Schwinn Trike. 

Final Verdict 

Taking the pro's and con's into account, Schwinn easy steer tricycle seems to be a viable and cheap option. Schwinn Easy Steer tricycle is available at a cheap price of 59 $. 

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