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Top 5 Tricycles for Adult

Aaah. Those were the times. Paddling that tiny little tricycle all around the house, hitting a few furniture in between, being scolded for it and then again paddle around like nothing has happened! Feeling nostalgic? Let's see if we can turn the clocks back a little! 

Top 5 Tricycles For Adults 

1.Schwinn Meridian 26” 

Schwinn is a very known company when it comes to bicycles and this tricycle does stand up to the companys reputation. It’s three 26” alloy wheels and is available in a brilliant blue or cherry red color. It's important to see that it's equipped with a rear hand hand break and a front pull break which shows how much Schwinn cares for your safety. The collapsible basket in the back and the extra cushion saddle seat are all features that you're gonna dig! 

2. Mantis Adult Tri-Rad bike

This one is equipped with a 20” alloy wheel meaning that you're gonna get the feel of a smaller bicycle with the added stability of a tricycle. This is also the lightest bike in our list weighing just 45 pounds. The main attraction here, however is that the tricycle can be folded for easy transport. Also, the handlebar and the seat can be adjusted according to your needs. It does have a front fork suspension which guarantees smooth ride. 

3. Worksman WTC Wide Tracking Trike

This one is much like the tricycles that we used to ride as a child. It's a direct drive front wheel meaning you're gonna paddle the front wheel directly just like your tricycle as child. This is more of a bike meant for exercising needs than travel, like motion training and rehab. The trike is constructed from heavy duty steel, and has a Lycra covered wide-base seat. This bike has no brakes, but uses back pedaling to slow the trike as you did with the your childhood tricycles. Assembly is relatively simple, and comes mostly pre-assembled.f

4. Dirt King Adult Trike

As hot might have already guessed from the name, this is for the adventurers in you. It's uniquely designed and the seat is mount on top of a shock absorber which definitely is gonna save your bum from bumps. The company says that the frame is made from highly durable steel and it should last you a good time. Also, the tires are designed for different hard terrains. The seats and handlebars can be adjusted according to your needs too. 

5. Komodo Cycling 24” Tricycle

The Komodo tricycle comes with 24” alloy wheels and is equipped with Six speed gear. This tricycle is a bit on the heavier side and turning corners can be a bit challenging. It's alloy front brakes and steel rear brakes which ensures safe braking. Importantly, it comes in nine different colors so that you can choose the one that fits your need. A rear basket for you to carry things around is also provided. 

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