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Kawasaki 10-inch Tricycle Sale and Review

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Kawasaki, Japanese motor bike manufacturer has made something for your kid. I'm sure you might have heard this name more than once in your life time. Kawasaki 10 inch tricycle is a sporty green colored trike for your kid, as the name suggests it is 10 inch in size. Don't you want to hear some fascinating features about Kawasaki 10 inch Tricycle ? Well then, here it is, Kawasaki 10 tricycle comes with flat tires ( improves stability as well as safety ), non slip pedals, adjustable seats and safety steering with additional handle grips,

kawasaki 10 inch tricycle

Apart from it's features another important thing which mesmerize your eyes is its catchy graphics and placement of rear shock absorber. In your first view, you might find Kawasaki 10 tricycle is full of plastics and will be concerned about the safety features but on close inquiry one could easily find Kawasaki 10 inch tricycle as a very rugged trike. Let's now have a peek at Kawasaki 10 trike pro's and con's.

Kawasaki 10 Tricycle Pro's and Con's 

 Pros: Rugged construction with heavy duty frame, kids absolutely love the "real" motorcycle look, stable, durable.

Cons: Misaligned head set bracket (combined with my assembly error) eventually resulted in head set bushing failure.

Kawasaki 10 Trike Reviews ( ) 

Well, I have mentioned the pro's and con's of the trike, here is some real life reviews of Kawasaki 10 trike, I recommend you to read the following reviews before getting into decision. Kawasaki 10 is available only in sliver green color.
By Wanda Diehl
We got this trike for our 2 1/2 year old son and he absolutely loves it. When looking into this trike I was a little concerned that it looked like a lot of plastic but it is a very rugged trike. Very heavy duty! And it was a breeze to put together! Didnt even need to look at the manual. My 2 year old doesnt want to leave it alone and my 1 year old is trying to convince us that he is big enough for it so I would say it is a big hit at our house.
By Fragulene
I bought this trike for a friend who works at a preschool. If the children at this school can't destroy something, it can't be destroyed. They did succeed, after the most intense year of use you can imagine, to break the head set bushings. I called customer service (mentioned in another review) to see if I could buy new head set bushings. Customer service didn't hesitate. They took my name and address, then sent me the new parts at no charge. The guy at customer service suggested that I might have over tightened the head set bolt. He may have been right as I'll explain below. I had the new parts within a few days.
The broken headset bushings were not entirely at fault. The lower head set bracket on the forks was slightly misaligned. The first time I assembled the trike I attempted to align the bracket by over tightening the head set bolt. The plastic head set bushings eventually failed from the trike being hammered into every object (moveable or immoveable) on the playground, and the excess pressure on the plastic bushings. When I received the new bushings, I took the time to bend and realign the lower head set bracket. This time I only tightened the head set bolt to where is was just snug. So, with a minimum of effort, excellent customer service from the distributor, and some free replacement parts, the Kawasaki Trike is back in service joyfully taking a beating again.
The heavy use has also resulted in the grab handle at the back of the seat being broken (I forgot to ask for a new one when I called for the heat set bushings) and some of the paint has worn off where a second child would ride standing on the back axle housing. The little "shock absorber" also came apart, but I was able to screw it back together, this time with Locktite. Taking into account the kind of use this toy has endured, I'd say the wear and tear are about what I'd expect. Overall, it has held up well, and I like the fact that when things to break, it can be repaired with a minimum of fuss. Recommended.

Kawasaki 10-inch tricycle is priced at $56.99 on amazon, comparing to its counter parts Schwinn and radio flyer Kawasaki seems to be a budget tricycle for your kid. If you are short on money and want a fully secure and catching tricycle then close your eyes and go fetch it.

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