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{ Pink } Radio Flyer Big Wheel Tricycle

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Radio Flyer Big wheel is a performance tricycle for kids who love to do adventurous stuffs at the age of 5 or 6. Radio Flyer trikes comes in different size, materials and models, big wheel is one such model which is quite moving. There are several big wheel tricycles available online, but there is something which makes radio flyer big wheel stand out from the res ( I will explain why ). If you have no idea about how a big wheel tricycle looks, then check out the image given below. 
radio flyer big wheel
This is the demo model of how a big wheel tricycle looks, Radio Flyer big wheel tricycle differs in quality and size.

Radio Flyer Big Wheel 

Radio flyer big wheel trike is much more like a racing trike with sleek and light design. Safety is a thing which is to be underlined and quoted. Radio Flyer Big Wheel features a 16 inch front wheel, a performance grip is also incorporated with the big wheel for avoiding tipping and slipping. One of the main feature with Radio Flyer trikes is that, it is always adjustable for children's of any age. Like Radio Flyer 4 in 1 trike, this one is also an adjustable trike. Let's have a look at dimensions of Radio Flyer Big Wheel trike. 

radio flyer big wheel

Ages: 3 - 7 Years
Body: 35" L x 24" W x 20" H
Front Wheel: 16"
Rear Wheels: 7"
Seat to Handle: 20", 21" & 22"
Seat to Pedal: 24", 26" & 28"
Weight: 13.45 lbs.
Weight Capacity: 65 lbs.

Radio Flyer big wheel is available in different colors, but Pink radio flyer big wheel is the most popular and hot selling item on the pack. 

Radio Flyer Big Wheel Trike Review

Big wheel has got few pro's as well as few con's. Looking on to the pro section. 

  • Big Wheel's design makes it a cool trike for your kid. 

  • Radio Flyer trikes are well known for it's safeness so does this model. 

  • Radio flyer is a reputed and trusted brand.

  • Adjustable seats according to the age of your child, which makes it long standing.
Now it's time to discuss the con's of Radio Flyer Big Wheel.
  • Some children may find it hard to have a long ride because of back pain.

  • Flat Tires 
These are few of the pro's and con's of Radio Flyer Big Wheel. Big wheel trike is available at a price of 88$ on, you have to pay an additional 12 $ as delivery tax so a total of 100 $ should be payed for getting this monster. I would say it is worth each and every penny.


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